A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for.

Gregoris and Nicos Avgousti Shipyard has a proud and illustrious history in the Cypriot shipbuilding industry. The yard was established in 1956 by a craftsman and famous shipbuilder called Gregoris Avgousti. In 1991 the yard was taken over by by his son Nicos and renamed in 2003 to Gregoris and Nicos Avgousti Shipyard Ltd .

In Limassol, CY in 1947, Gregoris Avgousti had a dream – to build the world’s best boats.

Gregoris Avgousti started with a small shipyard business and a handful of men. In time the business grew and designs, materials and boats changed. Through it all, the name Gregoris & Nicos Avgousti Shipyard came to be synonymous with an uncompromising dedication to quality and outstanding workmanship. Over half a century later, Gregoris Avgousti’s legendary attention to detail and demand for perfection continues to set the tone for everyone in our shipyard.


Today, Gregoris & Nicos Avgousti Shipyard thrives under the skilled leadership of Gregoris' son, Nicos. Under his guidance, the finest craftsmen and skilled laborers transform aluminum, steel, wood, fiberglass, titanium and high-tech composites into the world’s finest custom sailing and motor yachts, high-speed sailing boats, and innovative workboats. With the impressive facility spread across the Limassol East Part (Aktaia Avenue,Limassol,CY), Gregoris & Nicos Avgousti Shipyard has become the Limassol's’ foremost leader in  boat production and repairing and soon got a worldwide fame in yacht and commercial construction, service, repair and refit.


At Gregoris & Nicos Avgousti Shipyard, hands-on experience and hard work has always fostered ground-breaking innovation in the shipbuilding industry. Our extremely seasoned, knowledgeable workers are what set our boats apart. Generations of craftsmen have passed along their old-world skills, creating an atmosphere of dedication that is rare in today’s shipping world.


We invite you to examine an our Shipyard-built boat. Run your hand over the woodwork of an interior. Inspect the welding of a hull. When you experience this combination of craftmanship, technology and beauty, you’ll understand why our quality is unique.


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